Too Much Snow On Your Roof? Advice From Your Lawrence County PA Roofer

Last winter was one for the books and experts and meteorologists are saying this winter may be just as severe. Heavy sheets of ice and dense snow can certainly take a toll on your roof and its structural integrity, especially if your roof is flat or only slightly pitched. Here at Pitzulo Brothers, we get calls every winter from customers and prospective customers who are wondering just how much snow is too much snow for their roof. As your local Lawrence County PA roofer, we have some advice for you.

Whether a roof is at risk from collapsing under heavy snow or ice is contingent on a few things, such as the depth and density of snow, as well as the depth and spacing of the rafters and trusses. Other factors can be the surface slope of the roof, the texture, and the shape and location of the drift. You can also find hidden dangers in your roof assembly. If collar ties have been removed due to a homeowner wanting more headroom or needing to add an extra bedroom, there’s increased risk. Collar ties are supports that connect the rafters and counter the spreading effect created by snow loads. They’re there for a reason!

If after a heavy snow, you go into your attic and see that the rafters are severely bent by the weight of the snow above or if you hear cracking and popping from above, it’s time to be concerned. Another sign of your roof’s structural integrity being compromised is the house’s frame moving enough to jam a shut door at the front or back of the house.

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