The Right Style with Your Lawrence County, PA Roofer

Re-roofing your home can be a major decision. You could be debating what type of roof you want, whether to stay with shingles or install a metal roof. At Pitzulo Brothers, your Lawrence County, PA roofer, we can help you with those decisions. We can also help you decide what color will best match your home and the homes in your neighborhood. Depending on where you live and what style of architecture your home is, the color of shingle you install can either boost or detract from your home’s appeal.

It’s also important, if you live in a covenant community or belong to a homeowner’s association, that you make sure your color choice is in line with regulations. We can ensure that your home will look fantastic once we’re finished and that it fits within the atmosphere and aesthetic of the surrounding houses. Whatever color we install, you can rest assured that your shingles will look great and last for years to come. With over 40 years of serving the area, we stand behind every project we undertake.

Customer satisfaction is always our focus, so if you’re thinking about putting a new roof on your home or business, call us today. As your Lawrence County, PA roofer, we’ll craft a detailed approach to repairing or installing a roof that you’ll be proud to have on your property. You can receive a free quote at any time and we’ll work with you on the best plan for your roof. Let us know today how we can find the right style and color for you.

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