Roofing Tips From Your Mercer County Roofer

Pitzulo Brothers has been roofing in Mercer County area for over 40 years. We’ve seen every kind of element or disaster that can hit a roof and fixed it. Here are some of the things this roofer has seen over the years that can damage a roof.

  • The sun is a natural enemy of shingled roofs. They dry up and crack under the sun’s heat and UV rays, The shingles protect the sheathing underneath them, so as they deteriorate, so does that sheathing’s protection.

  • Cold weather conditions such as snow and ice can play havoc with a roof. Melting snow gets water under the shingles and lifts them when it refreezes. This progressively allows more and more water under the shingles and on the sheathing.

  • Once winter fades away and turns into spring, then your shingles will allow rain water in through all the increased gaps caused by the snow and ice of the previous winters.

  • Gutters can compound the water hazard if you do not clean them or cover them with a wire screen. If you don’t, water can flood back into the eaves and cause water damage. This eventually rots the wood and gives you a mold and mildew problem.

Neglect can turn any healthy roof bad in a short period. Many of the things we’ve talked about today start out as small things, but over time, they become big things. Have the roof inspected on a regular basis, and pay a little bit each time to have your roof maintained instead of paying a lot to repair extensive damage later. Call Pitzulo Brothers for all your roofing needs. We seen it all.

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