Regular Roof Maintenance Is Important: Advice From Mercer County Roofing Experts

Here at Pitzulo Brothers Co, we’re a locally owned and family operated business that’s been serving Mercer County residents for over forty years. We’re proud that we’ve grown into a highly respected home remodeling and roofing business that treats their customers like family. We are grateful to our customers over the years and we will continue to provide the attention to detail that our customers have come to expect with our Mercer County roofing. Today we’re talking about the importance of regular roof maintenance and why you need to have your roof inspected.

Let’s face it: you’re aging. Every day takes its toll on you little by little. How to delay the inevitable? We eat well, exercise regularly, and see our doctors for check-ups to make sure we have no serious issues. This is the same way things go for our roof, right? It’s getting older and we have to take care of it with regular check-ups. Sun exposure, wind exposure, rain, hail, strong storms, and other wear and tear slowly ages the roof until the service life ends. While a roof doesn’t need regular exercise or a healthy diet, it does need regular check-ups in the form of inspections and prompt repairs.

The real benefit of spending money every year to maintain your roof? Studies have shown that a roof that isn’t properly and regularly maintained, it will only last about half of its expected life. Ready to start scheduling regular maintenance appointments? Call us today and we will get things going for you.

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