How Ice Can Affect Your Shingle Roofing From Your Lawrence Roofer

If you’re like most homeowners here in Lawrence County, PA, there’s a good chance that your roof is layered with shingles. Shingles are still one of the most common forms of roofing today and for the most part they’re highly effective when it comes to protecting your home year round. However, as we well remember, last winter brought a lot more snow and ice than previous years and experts are saying this winter is likely to be just as bad if not worse. Here at Pitzulo Brothers, your local Lawrence County PA roofer, we want to explain that it’s imperative to know that even a sturdy shingle roof can still succumb to small imperfections caused by a harsh winter year after year.

Ice is the main culprit most of the time in the winter. Ice will tear apart a roof faster than almost anything else because ice is an expansion of water. One of the easiest ways to stop ice damage before it’s a costly repair is as easy as having your roof inspected for weak areas before the temperatures fall below freezing. An inspection by Pitzulo Brothers will yield two things: knowledge about potential problem areas and a solution that will seal these areas up before they can develop further.

If it’s appropriate, we will apply a sealant that can protect gaps between shingles and other areas that water can infiltrate in the winter. Other times, where needed, we will replace broken or cracked shingles to prevent exterior damage that can result from leaks. Either way, knowing about the problem is the first step in fixing it.

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