As a local roofer that has been in the business since 1972, we realize that the decision to re-roof your home or place of business is not to be taken lightly. After all, it is not something you do every day, year, or even decade. It is to your advantage to hire the best roofing company for the job. Our exceptional standards have resulted in us becoming the Valley’s leader in roofing. In addition to our residential metal roofing, we also offer some durable shingle style of roofing.

We also carry doors, gutters, and other lines of products for siding, roofing, and windows. Contact Us Today for a Free Estimate on your home remodeling project!

Pinnacle Shingles Featuring Scotchgard

Pinnacle Shingle roofing is a durable, affordable way to enhance the appearance of your home. This roof comes with Scotchgard protector that will maintain a new appearance for a long period of time as well as offering addition protection against harsh weather. This feature helps your shingles retain their original color and creates distinct shadow lines to add dimension to your home’s exterior. Call Now to Learn More!



StormMaster Shake Shingles

StormMaster Shake Shingle roofs are created with Scotchgard protector; perfectly combining durability and strength with luxurious beauty. This roofing is resistant to warping, cracking, splitting, or shrinking no matter what the weather is. If you live in a harsh climate and are looking for a roof that will stand the test of time then StormMaster Shake Shingle Style is the roof for you. Get a Free Estimate Today!



Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing is the ideal solution to a durable, affordable roof. Resistant to weather damage, these will last three or more times longer than an average asphalt roof and can be installed over top of your old roof thereby increasing the value of your home. These roofs are also sustainable and eco- friendly and are made from 30% recycled materials. Contact Us Today for a Free Estimate!

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