Is Your Roof In Need Of Repair?

Welcome back to our Pitzulo Brothers blog. Our family-owned business has been roofing in the Mercer County area since 1972. We’ve been roofing for longer than some of our customers have been alive. We have several informative blogs on roofing, windows, and siding, which are our three specialty areas. Since we have some great information published on our blog, we are going to post a blog review series. We will give a quick intro to a couple of informative blogs from the past, as well as a short excerpt from those posts, along with a link to read the entire post. Our first two entries discuss renewing the look of your roof and making sure it isn’t in disrepair before the heat hits it this summer.

Make Sure Your Home is Protected By Contacting Your Lawrence County, PA Roofer

“With summer on its way, that means higher temperatures will soon arrive in western Pennsylvania. Rain and wind often accompany those higher temperatures and if your roof is in need of repair, the heat, rain, and wind can wreak havoc on your home. Leaks and damage can allow water inside, causing problems and headaches for homeowners.”

Mercer County, PA Roofing That Makes Your Home Look Like New

“Spring and summer are great times to replace your old roof. With worn shingles and peeling eaves, your home can appear old and shabby. Give your house a facelift with Mercer County, PA Roofing from Pitzulo Brothers. The appearance and value of your home can only go up with a new, quality roof. We can install shingles, or place a durable metal roof over your current one. The decision is up to you.”

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