With Our Weather, You Need The Best In Roofing

Pennsylvania weather can be harsh on all kinds of roofing. UV rays from the sun can degrade asphalt shingles over time, forcing them to crack, dry and blister. This leads to the shingles working themselves free and coming loose, which just further exposes the roof. The wind can expedite this process by loosening shingles and tearing them out entirely. Water can then find its way to the sheathing in the form of ice and snow, as well. When we get roofing questions from our readers, we always like to answer them in our blog as a part of our roofing advice column, such as the question below.

Dear Roofing Experts,

We are considering re-roofing our house. Our roof has really taken the worst of the harsh summer and winter weather and is now in need of repair. We have had several times where we have found entire shingles in our driveway. Which roofing / shingles would be best for a high end home that in the harsh weather that we often get in Pennsylvania? Thank you for answering my question.


Larry in Lawrence County


Dear Larry,

We have a few excellent options for you. Our Pinnacle Shingles featuring Scotchgard protection offer an affordable way to give your roof durable protection from the elements. They look great to as they really add depth to the exterior of your home. Our StormMaster Shake Shingles are also protected by Scotchgard. They definitely say, “First Class,” as they offer durable resistance to the splitting, shrinking, cracking, and warping that is indicative of typical shingles in this harsh weather. We also can outfit you with some metal roofing, which resists weather damage and typically lasts three times longer than your average asphalt roof. These can also be installed over your existing roofing, which will increase the overall value of your home. We will even work up a free estimate for you so you can make an educated decision.

Thank you for writing in and asking your question,

Pitzulo Brothers

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